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Since May 2007

Love in Music is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has successfully reached out to over 1,000 young children with free classical instruments and free weekly lessons through musically trained volunteers in Los Angeles, Orange County, and South Bay areas, CA since May 2007.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary in June 2022, Love in Music is currently operating its programs in two locations in L.A. County (Los Angeles & Torrance) and one location in O.C. (Santa Ana) in partnership with the local churches and community organizations that provide safe venues for both teaching volunteers and their students to meet regularly every Saturday for 2 hours of free instrumental lesson.

Learning a classical instrument is a long term project in need of patience and extra motivation, especially to young children who have never been exposed to classical music with no prior experience of respective instruments they wish to learn. So Love in Music, in addition to their weekly lessons, has hosted Mini Winter Concerts at the end of each fall semester (on each branch's own) and the Annual Concerts with all volunteers, students and their families, along with the members of the community invited. Purpose of these events is not only to keep all participating children motivated to learn but also to let them appreciate quality classical music performed by the guest artists and present themselves before the audience what they have learned from Love in Music.

You can learn more about us through the following video link, briefly introducing our founding background, history, free music programs per branch, along with our 13 annual concert slides from summer 2008 to summer 2022, except in 2020 & 2021 due to COVID.

To keep reaching out to more children in need of free opportunities to learn classical instruments, we are seeking qualified volunteers throughout the year who are willing to commit to spend min. 2 hours a week for free lessons on Saturdays either in the morning or afternoon depending on their location. Other ways you can support our mission include: (1) financial donation (tax-deductible), (2) instrumental donation (new or pre-owned in proper condition), (3) Joining us as part of our website and social media managing team if you have possess graphic designing and web programming skills to help publicize our programs as widely as possible. Our homepage is in need of your professional support as it is still in the work for more stories, photos and videos to upload and transfer from its former sites. Your kind support in any forms would be of great help for us to keep moving to help build a more loving and harmonizing community through music.


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Welcome to Love in Music!

Starting with only a few volunteers in May 2007, I am indeed thankful for the growth of Love in Music to have successfully reached out to over 1,000 young children from underserved communities through over 900 musically trained volunteers, the major component of our mission. If it were not for their dedicated service for the community by willingly sacrificing their weekend times, Love in Music could not have existed to present.

During the crisis caused by the Corona Pandemic, I feel so thankful that Love in Music was able to keep up its programs by shifting the traditional in-person lessons to online classes through the support of our volunteers. In this drastic transition, I could not have been more proud of our volunteers who have actively engaged themselves in the process of paring teachers and students for zoom classes and creating an effective online sign-in system directly accessible by all volunteers. I was deeply impressed with their proven quality out of their love for the children and the community. I was so touched as well by the tremendous support their parents have shown during the toughest year in the form of annual membership donation in support of Love in Music to keep moving on. In addition, Love in Music enjoyed the honor of winning the Inaugural HIPP “Pay it Forward” Award from SPS 2020 Society in March 2021, a most rewarding and encouraging gift to the entire family of Love in Music.

I truly appreciate each and every one of our team who helped make the celebration of our 15th anniversary through a concert on June 11, 2022 a very special and memorable event. Let's continue working together in bringing our community closer in unity and harmony in the years to come!

With a heart of gratitude,

Kwanil Park

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Come join us to be a part of Love in Music! Love in Music (LM) is seeking qualified volunteers all year round in the following areas:
(1) Teaching, (2) Coordinating and
(3) Web/Social Media

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Love in Music is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) charity organization that is being operated by the support of the community. Your donation in support of Love in Music is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

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Main L.A. Address: 3580 Wilshire Blvd. #1050, Los Angeles, CA 90010
South Bay Address: 23011 Nadine Cir. Unit B, Torrance, CA 90505
Tel. 213-500-9533 (O), 714-510-0305 (C) & Instagram/loveinmusicorg