Join Us

Come join us to become a vital part of our team! We are actively seeking two types of volunteers:

Teaching Volunteers: If you possess classical music expertise and can teach, we invite you to join us as a teaching volunteer. Commitment of at least 2 hours per week on Saturdays is required, and you can apply for this position prior to each school semester, although the application deadline is subject to change for each school year. It is normally posted on our Facebook community page ( Normally the application is accepted for the fall semester by the end of July and for the spring semester by the end of December. Depending on specific instruments or the needs per branch, exceptions may apply. [/b][/b]

Coordinating Volunteers: We are looking for gifted writers with strong computer skills to take up coordinating positions. Responsibilities include attendance monitoring, draft and send out weekly updates (e-Newsletter) to members of each branch, attending monthly coordinators meeting on zoom or in-person, updating our website, and managing social media platforms with articles and photos of our programs and activities. Strong communication, writing, and computer skills, coordinating and organizing skills, and social media skills are required.

* Depending on your location, you will be assigned to serve at one of our three class locations: Los Angeles, Santa Ana (O.C.) and Torrance (South Bay) areas

To apply, please download a preliminary volunteer application form for review and approval from the following links and submit by email at

Imageimg/joinus/VolunteerApplication7-2021-HS-Students.pdf (Download Students volunteer application form)
Imageimg/joinus/VolunteerApplication7-2021-A ... nteers.pdf (Download Adult volunteer application form)

Once your application is reviewed and approved by Love in Music, you will be contacted for a brief interview, either with the applicant or their parent if the applicants are under 18 years of age. Upon approval, you can proceed with the formal application process as directed by Love in Music.

Benefits for high school volunteers include:

A. Certificate of Community Service Hours: Love in Music (LM) provides certification for community service hours required by schools at the end of each academic year. Additionally, outstanding volunteers are awarded the Community Leader Award annually.

B. President Volunteer Service Award (PVSA): Love in Music is an authorized organization to grant the prestigious "President Volunteer Service Award" to qualified volunteers. The LM-PVSA application is processed annually from June 1st to the last day of May the following year, though service periods may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances (For more details, please refer to the "About Us" section on our website).

C. Community Leader Award: Volunteers demonstrating exceptional commitment to the community with an attendance rate of 75% or higher are eligible to receive the Community Leader Award at the end of the school year.

Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference through the power of music with Love in Music!